Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Stuffy Scarfs :)

well ... thank you A Girl & her Glue Gun ... what an awesome idea ...!!

As soon as I read the tutorial on how to make these little critters I knew I had to make some!

As soon as I got home with the little 'victims' aka Stuffies soon-to-be-cut-in-half ... my son of course 'claimed' them as his own. He's not a real stuffed animal lover, but, it was 'new toys' and therefore 1) he assumed they were his 2) he would be amused with them for approx 3.5 minutes. I explained that they were not his (this scaled into an argument which I advise one to try to not do with a 3 year old), then I waited for him to move on to something else to play with & went and fetched them off of his bed.

Looking them all over I decided that Frog would be first to be dissected (seemed only right) ... at that moment my son came wandering in & wanted to 'help'. So he helped me cut Frog in half ... boys seem to enjoy this sort of thing ... I cut about 3 more different animals then started sewing.

a few more trips to the Thrift Shops and more sewing resulted in over a dozen scarfs and my son getting to 'Save' on of the stuffies from being 'chopped' ... a cow that he has named 'Moos' and he keeps reminding me that I can't 'cut' Moos ... lol

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