Sunday, November 7, 2010

This is NOT my TEAM! lol ... so I might as well give it away

If you want to know the real reason I did this one first
is because I didn't care if I mucked it up :) hehe

So I purchased a NHL sheet a long long time ago to make something for my then-baby-boy ... he's now 3 and I'm finally doing something with that sheet ... The sheet itself isn't close to being new, but I just couldn't waste all those lovely LOGO's ... so what to do what to do ...?
OH - patches!

The finished patch is 6"x6" - The biggest back piece is Felt - mostly for stability & stiffness, the middle colour is flannel, then the Logo itself feels like a poly/cotton blend ... I quite like how it turned out so I'm gonna do a bunch more ... maybe even give a few away :)

Post a comment here and what team is the favourite of the house and you just might get a nifty one for yourself (I'll mail it to you so don't worry)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kids BOOKS! such wonderful art ...

So - I loving collecting *cough*hoarding*cough* old children's books ...
I just had to scan some of the pages ... I think I will try to do an iron-on transfer
and use some as quilt blocks ....

the 2 pages above are from a book called 'Rosebud' by Ed Emberley

the 3 pages above are a great little book called 'The Bears of the Air' by Arnold Lobel (famous for Frog and Toad books)

This one is hard to see the detail - but it's an amazing book called Rain Makes Applesauce

Little know fact - Rain Makes Applesauce is the book that started my *collection*cough*hoarding*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Spidyman

Yes - I made it ~~~ from scratch ~~~ almost no pattern ....
It was just 2 pieces of broadcloth, a big dream & high, high hopes ... :)

Turned out pretty good (well the mask was purchased at a craft show)
but I can even say I was pretty impressed with the rest.
Even though I had to make the boot covers & wristbands twice because apparently taking a measuring tape and seeing how big I should have made them to begin with was too easy :)

I am going to make another one for a friends spidy-crazy son, so maybe I will try my first real 'tute' and post it