Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7 ... Organize the pantry ...

If you haven't taken the 21 day Organize challenge yet ... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! ... you're house is so clean? oh yah? I dare you to post pictures :) ... seriously, go to A bowl full of Lemons , and get inspired and motivated ... on to my pantry ...

BEFORE: to be honest, typically for me it's not that bad ... sorry :( ... but on a day to day basis only 1 or 2 things fall out onto my toes, and that's pretty good ... lol ... note Cleo, sniffing for stuff that has fallen out of broken bags, sad but true ... there's about 1/4 box of spilled Rottini tri-colour pasta down there ...

AFTER: Wowza!! Beautiful! Combined, Filled, Re-Jarred and Tossed ...

My Favourite Project: Transferring a bunch of stuff that was in bags with clips to some vintage Gem jars & Mason Jars that my Dad gave me ... Love the ones with the Glass tops ... Filled them with beans, cereal, chick peas, raisins, cornmeal and more .... and didn't cost me a dollar :)

Top Shelf: topped up my baking containers (sugar was empty, whole wheat flour was almost empty), tossed the stale crackers & cereal and restacked ...

Bottom ... Made the vintage 70's canisters accessible; they contain healthy snacks for the little boy, swept out the bottom and WOW!!


  1. Your pantry looks fantastic - I love love love the mason jar storage.

    Great job!!

  2. I love the idea of using Mason jars! It looks great. :)

  3. Great idea with the mason jars, I have a few laying around somewhere....I will have to use them for my smaller things.

    Good job on the pantry, it looks nice.

  4. looks great Ilove the glass jars

  5. I am totaly using mason jars! I am nominating you for a stylish bloggers award! see the rules on my blog

  6. Wow! What a big difference - fantastic job there.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog - I must, must, must visit Red Deer at some stage in my life. I only discovered that it existed after I set up my blog and straight away I decided that I had to go there one day.

  7. ohh wow!! I can't wait to get going on it!!

  8. Fantastic! I LOVE organizing before and after pics!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well:)

  9. Hi...I found you at FJI. Love your pantry. I did the same thing to mine a few months ago...every time I open the door it makes me happy! I'm your newest follower. Come visit my blog if you have time. ~Ann


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