Saturday, April 9, 2011

Refashion: Button-Up shirt to Little Boys 'GI Joe' Outfit

I heart little girl things.



Skirts and dresses.

Lace and Ribbon.

Alas, I was blessed with a little boy.  So I must adapt ...


Sports Teams.

Practical & Sturdy.

Denim & Dark colours.

 ........ So lets at least try to keep it a little fun!!~~~~~

 1. Military colour shirt - $1.99 @ VV Boutique (aka Value village Thrift Store) - Men's small

2.Chopped off both arms

3.  Measured with one of my sons shirts that fits him (even a little too big) I don't want him outgrowing this next month!

4. Using that same shirt - measured to see how much to take out of the sides - pinned and serged edges - remember to leave the arm hole open - this is where we have to reattach the arms

5. Reattached arms ~ at this point I overthink things - don't put one of the arms one inside out and think you might be able to get away with it - you will HAVE to take it off and put it on the right way *wink*

6. At this point - if you have a girl this would be perfect for a Dress!

7.  Add Army-esque embelishments - Of course I just used some of my scraps.  The stripes are some ribbon my little man picked out himself.

Pretty Snazzy!!

Before he would wear it I had to make matching pants (he's very matchy-matchy for 3.5) So I quickly put together some pants with big Cargo-type pockets on both legs made from the left over shirt material - and an elastic waist ... Apparently -this is how he feels he should 'pose' for the camera .... and the cowboy hat? I have no idea - maybe he escaped the Cuban Army?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easy Scrabble wall Art ...

Time from start to finish : 20 minutes
Materials Required: Picture Frame with or with out glass
Scrabble tiles
Scrap of material to cover the front or any picture you want to see behind your letters
Glue Gun

1. Wrap the Cardboard 'backing' from the picture frame with the material - you can do the same if you want to use a picture frame with glass - just wrap the glass with the material.
Tape it on the back side so it stays in place (no one will ever see this side - so let your be as messy as you want)
Set it back in the frame

 2. Then I played with some Scrabble tiles and made some words suitable for the bedroom :)

 3. Got out the trusty Glue -gun and stuck the letters in place ...
4.  Hang it in a nice spot