Monday, October 8, 2012

Decorating with Books ...

No need to have a full out library in your living room with shelves filled from top to bottom.  Incorporate the books you love into the warmth of your home.  Small stacks here and there can add height, colour and depth to end tables, coffee tables and shelves.
My Collection of John Patience children's books on top of my curio cabinet

These books are very old and I use the top 3 green ones as props a lot for my Etsy shop

In an old wooden crate, scattered Bailey's Miniature Houses all around Books are proudly displayed

Every animal lover needs to read James Herriot at some point in their life

Most of these books in this pile I bought for $0.25 a piece at various thrift stores

The last Book Bundle in my living room, the 'need to read' pile I guess (check out my new Scentsy warmer)