Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Owl Pattern ... for easy Applique

This is my own pattern that I created and I thought I would share the pattern with anyone who might want it.

The rest of the pics are the girlie Owl Quilt I just finished ...

Using Fusible Webbing ... LOVE working with it - makes Applique SO easy!!

Just Right Click the Picture Below - then Save File As ... then you can print it and enlarge it
and if someone can tell me how to link a pdf that can be printed I'll be forever grateful lol

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage Seasame Street Sheet ... to Fun Mini-Chef's Apron

Chef's Hat Coming Soon ...

So a vintage VV Boutique find (ahem Value Village) ... or coulda been Sally Ann's ... (cough Salvation Army cough)  But the Seasame Street sheet could simply NOT have been left behind! ... Taking some quick measurements of my little man, I fab'd the basic pattern, cutting 2 pieces of the body, one of the print and one of the gingham.

Then 'hemmed' the edges to the front so the gingham would 'trim' it.  Plus I kinda like how you can see the gingham pattern through the front.  I think I will try to do a full tutorial on this one day because it is just so simple & quick to make.

The armholes are casing for the Tie so this is totally adjustable for itty-bitty Chefs, to the bigger ones - I think this would even work fine for a 5-6 year old.  My son is 3.5 and in bed now, so I won't make him model it :)
Totally Charming!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Footstool Re-Do


One retro stool for $2.99 - horrible shape but I could see the potential.  Deal of the week!!

Classic: Brown vinyl with drizzled gold & silver paint!! The legs were solid but in definite need of some TLC

Sanded the legs down
Then burnished with Burnt Umber Acrylic paint with a touch of gold (I was thinking a dark Walnut Stain but didn't have any on hand - I think it turned out well)
Finished with a light coating of Tung Oil
 For the new top - I just measured and cut the top & 4 sides from a drapery remnant that had been gifted to me ($0.00!!)
 Sewed it together ... Added some padding ~ double layered 
(I used leftover remnant of mattress padding $0.00)
Stapled the edges under ...
 Good as new ... for $2.99
and it matches the curtain in my bedroom that I already made out of big piece of drapery material :)

and now I've decided it's not quite Finished as of Wed. March 24 ... I'm not happy with the edges along the bottom ... so I guess it's still a work in Progress ... like so many other things :)

What do you think?

anything else?

Linked to: Ma Nouvelle Mode

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bargain of the day!! Vintage Lamps - perfect for a snowy-day project ...

 $12.00!! love it!!
no markings on this one - but it's very solid
 it's missing one of the sets of crystals ... so I will probably replace them all ... the detail in the metal is beautiful!! ... I think it will just need a new shade and a clean-up and will be ready to go!

 $10.00!!! It's very cool too!!
L & L 1973 lamp - there's a small bulb in the base that lights up as well.
the shade is too big ... hmmm maybe I will just swap them around ...
and see if the tacky flowers will come off - then try to paint or stencil something fun on it ... any suggestions?

I just have to find that awesome Blog where some crafty girl repainted and aged the metal parts of the lamp and it looked so NICE! - if I find it I will post the link :)