Saturday, January 8, 2011

21 day Organize ... playing Catch-up with day 5 ... Under the SINK!

BEFORE: Basically my organizational routine is 'quickly open the door, toss whatever you need in & close the door quickly before something falls out' then pray you don't need it again for a long long time ...

there are a few cleaners of which I am making the switch over to all natural cleaners; essential oils, baking soda & vinegar are my staples .... no paper towels, note the BIG stack of rags ... Plastic Bags are kept for future uses (not to be tossed) as I have an ever growing stash of reusable bags at the back door and grab they when I go shopping ...

Progress ... how does the floor of the cabinet get so icky?

AFTER: Okay, I forgot the contact paper ... I don't have contact paper and I wasn't running out to get any , I'll keep an eye out when I'm 'treasure hunting' for some ....
other than that ... looks purty dang good :)

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  1. strange how things look bigger once you clean them out. Nicely down...I'm watching you!


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