Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1, 2, 3 - Pants ... Yes you can make your child pants - Sew EASY

1. Find yourself a nice pair of pants you are no longer wearing
2. Find a pair of your child's pants that fit him nicely
3. Use those little pants as a pattern
4. I snipped off that nice thick elastic to use for the little pants
and ended up with enough for 2 pair :)

5. Sew up the inner seams of each leg, then attach the 2 pieces together. The great thing is they are already hemmed and the outer seam is already sewn due to where I placed the 'pattern'
6. Attach the waistband. I thought a zig-zag seam would add a little detail to a slightly boring pair of pants

Oh and last but not least add one of the things that the little boy loves most ... hockey ... of course he'll wear them now!

Same thing with the flannel bottoms

Nifty new PJ bottoms

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