Sunday, May 4, 2014

DIY with Vintage ... Heart Art, Framed

Easy hand made art ... 
Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

like this Barnwood Distressed one from CobblestonesVintage on Etsy
2nd.  Fabric 
large enough to cover the opening in the frame
like this ticking from AStringorTwo on Etsy
 or Old Sacks
from FragmentsAnotherTime on Etsy
or a Scarf 
from retrogroovie on Etsy
3.  If your frame has glass in it, just cover the glass with your fabric.
If not, fit the back with a piece of cardboard.
Cover the cardboard with your fabric of choice and place in your frame.

4. Pictures to arrange in a heart or maybe a Monogram letter, like these,

Or maybe old Playing Cards from MissSarahBelle on Etsy

5. Using something simple like sticky 'funtack' or double sided tape, place on the backside of the pictures or cards and stick onto the from in the shape of a heart or letter.

Tell me about your amazing creation!

I will be adding my picture here this week :)


  1. What a great idea! And simple enough the children could help if they wanted to. Well don Shannon!

  2. what a great idea and display for vintage


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