Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Make your House Beautiful - by being thrifty

Vibrant Colours!
Thrift store tricks to finding the beautiful stuff

  • Go thrifting often ... they add new things every day & you don't want to miss that perfect addition
  •  Look for bright vibrant colours -----> like this blue canister set
  •  That shelf that holds all the wooden trays and bowls might surprise you ... find matches or mismatches and they polish up beautifully with a soft rag and olive oil ... check out the shine on the bowl set and salt and pepper set below
  • Jars with the vintage zinc rings are beautiful and usually really really inexpensive!
  • If you can't find the vintage zinc rings - check out pinterest and I'm sure you'll find a pin on faux zinc ...
  • The shelf full of old smelly suitcases usually has a few treasures - vintage hard traincases, suitcases or leather doctors bags ... perfect for filling full of rolled up towels in the washroom
    Zinc Ringed Mason Jars ....
    Check the tool area for vintage trays and drawers, sometimes they just need a little elbow grease and are lovely new display pieces ...
Baribocraft Salad Set
Baribocraft ... check the label
Galvanized Anything

What thrifty beautiful items have you found lately?

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