Saturday, April 9, 2011

Refashion: Button-Up shirt to Little Boys 'GI Joe' Outfit

I heart little girl things.



Skirts and dresses.

Lace and Ribbon.

Alas, I was blessed with a little boy.  So I must adapt ...


Sports Teams.

Practical & Sturdy.

Denim & Dark colours.

 ........ So lets at least try to keep it a little fun!!~~~~~

 1. Military colour shirt - $1.99 @ VV Boutique (aka Value village Thrift Store) - Men's small

2.Chopped off both arms

3.  Measured with one of my sons shirts that fits him (even a little too big) I don't want him outgrowing this next month!

4. Using that same shirt - measured to see how much to take out of the sides - pinned and serged edges - remember to leave the arm hole open - this is where we have to reattach the arms

5. Reattached arms ~ at this point I overthink things - don't put one of the arms one inside out and think you might be able to get away with it - you will HAVE to take it off and put it on the right way *wink*

6. At this point - if you have a girl this would be perfect for a Dress!

7.  Add Army-esque embelishments - Of course I just used some of my scraps.  The stripes are some ribbon my little man picked out himself.

Pretty Snazzy!!

Before he would wear it I had to make matching pants (he's very matchy-matchy for 3.5) So I quickly put together some pants with big Cargo-type pockets on both legs made from the left over shirt material - and an elastic waist ... Apparently -this is how he feels he should 'pose' for the camera .... and the cowboy hat? I have no idea - maybe he escaped the Cuban Army?


  1. so cute. It looks like he loves it!


  2. I love that shirt. Wow! That's very creative! I always have a difficult time 'embellishing' outfits I make for my son. This shirt is awesome!

  3. awww. . . the pose rocks that outfit as well.


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