Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easy Scrabble wall Art ...

Time from start to finish : 20 minutes
Materials Required: Picture Frame with or with out glass
Scrabble tiles
Scrap of material to cover the front or any picture you want to see behind your letters
Glue Gun

1. Wrap the Cardboard 'backing' from the picture frame with the material - you can do the same if you want to use a picture frame with glass - just wrap the glass with the material.
Tape it on the back side so it stays in place (no one will ever see this side - so let your be as messy as you want)
Set it back in the frame

 2. Then I played with some Scrabble tiles and made some words suitable for the bedroom :)

 3. Got out the trusty Glue -gun and stuck the letters in place ...
4.  Hang it in a nice spot

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  1. very cute. i love scrabble pieces, you can do so much with them. thanks for linking this to my party!


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