Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kitchen Spray ... homemade

Fruits & Passion is a weakness of mine ... their soaps, lotions all of it ... Canadian MADE - biodegradable all the good stuff ... but you pay for it ... so I found a recipe for homemade kitchen spray
What you need:
Distilled H2O
Spray Bottle
Essential Oils
For the essential oils I picked Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Lemongrass; the first 3 for their antibacterial, anti fungal properties and Lemongrass because I love the smell.

Fill the bottle 3/4 up with distilled water then put about 20 drops of Lavender oil, 5-7 each of
the Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and 4-5 or so of the Lemongrass - whatever suits your nose.

Shake the bottle before each use - I use it to clean my counters, table, floors and even just as a room freshener throughout the house. To do the floors I set the spray to 'long' (I have no idea - the opposite of mist I guess) and use it after I mop with vinegar & water - the oils give the floors a nice shine without causing anyone to die - like when my brother used to think it was hilarious to Pledge the floors ~ and the house smells great - I use one of those 'Blue Mops' that soaks up the moisture really well.

My son Loves to help me spray and I feel like I can let him (yes he's 2 - child labour rules!) because it's just water & essential oils ...

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