Monday, December 14, 2009

Rag Quilts ...

My rag quilts are simple,

3 layers of which the back & the middle are flannel (I like the rag effect better this way - thicker ribs)

the top layer can be a mixture of whatever you want, I like to use flannelette, cotton prints and fleece, although satin is also nice.

Basic crib size is 36" x 48', which works out to 48 - 8"x8" squares per layer

I ALWAYS draw my pattern out first and just align each colour diagonally across the quilt, so I know exactly how many of each colour to cut.
Once I have my 3 layers of squares 'sandwiched', and the diagonal stitch sewn through each, the piecing begins.
First, 9-blocks, consisting of 3x3 of the 8" squares sewn together to make a bigger block, with at least a 1" rib sticking out (the rib is the seam allowance that you later clip to become ragged) I like to make my quilts with a 1" rib, it takes more fabric, which in turn means more cost to make, but the effect if so beautiful in the end.
I was inspired by a girl selling her rag quilts on Ebay and one crib quilt with a pillow was up over $140 and her quilts were beautiful - with rich, soft ribs and plush fabrics and thought WOW - that's how you make a rag quilt.
I will post detailed instructions of making a rag quilt .. eventually

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  1. Hey there!
    I have a ton of Flannel left from making jammies. I thought I might try this and see how cranky I get. LOL
    So let me get this straight... each square is a layer of 3?


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