Friday, June 1, 2012

a few new things ...

Well I haven't played with my blog layout for a long time ... but I stumbled across Etsy Mini and thought it was a cool thing to add here.

I have had 2 great months with Etsy considering I have only 12-19 items in my shop at different times ... BUT ... I have made my first 6 sales ... some sewing & some vintage ... EXCITING!

Mays Item Views and Favourites were more that Aprils and that makes me smile :) ...

So off to find more treasures and take better pictures and get my butt sewing :)

Hey - let me know what you like & what are you looking for - while I'm treasure hunting maybe I might stumble across it :)

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  1. Congratualtions. The first sales on Etsy are always exciting. I'm thinking seriously of leaving the site for another though. The reseller problem is getting out of control and there are rumors that they are going to officially allow them in the future.


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