Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage Seasame Street Sheet ... to Fun Mini-Chef's Apron

Chef's Hat Coming Soon ...

So a vintage VV Boutique find (ahem Value Village) ... or coulda been Sally Ann's ... (cough Salvation Army cough)  But the Seasame Street sheet could simply NOT have been left behind! ... Taking some quick measurements of my little man, I fab'd the basic pattern, cutting 2 pieces of the body, one of the print and one of the gingham.

Then 'hemmed' the edges to the front so the gingham would 'trim' it.  Plus I kinda like how you can see the gingham pattern through the front.  I think I will try to do a full tutorial on this one day because it is just so simple & quick to make.

The armholes are casing for the Tie so this is totally adjustable for itty-bitty Chefs, to the bigger ones - I think this would even work fine for a 5-6 year old.  My son is 3.5 and in bed now, so I won't make him model it :)
Totally Charming!!


  1. I just completed an adventure in Apron making - A tutorial would have helped. looking forward to you tutorial.

    I agree, its totally charming

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