Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sew Easy Butterfly Mobile ...

First of all - Full credit for the inspiration for this to Missie Krissie - SO gorgeous!!

The hoops are wooden Embroidery hoops covered in pink fabric strips wound around and glue-gunned into place. Then I tied Embroidery Floss 'x's so I would have something to fasten the strings of butterflies to. Attached the hoops together with about 5" of ribbon
Glue gunned ribbon trim on the inside & outside of each fabric finished hoop.

To make the Butterfly Strings you just sew with thread only on your sewing machine to create an intertwined chain then add a butterfly (you end up sewing through the middle) and then chain some more then another butterfly and on and on until you get the length you need. Then tie them on were ever you want them .... voila

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